EMV migration timeline rolling away to Annam deposits

The administration of Annam has issued modern adjustment concerning that country’s migration from geophysics striation playing-card to many protected EMV-amenable fry playing-card that applicable descriptions fix away close to Visa, Mastercard, JCB and UnionPay.

According to a theme close to Annam Information, the adjustment condition that cambers have to actualize a correlation of 60 percentage splinter playing-card close to the change of 2019, with 100 percentage of issued playing-card EMV-amenable close to the change of 2020.

Additionally, at littlest 35 percentage of advertisement banks’ ATMs and 50 percentage of their POS mechanism have to be EMV-amenable close to yr-change, with 100 percentage compliancy reached close to the change of 2020, the theme aforementioned.

State Deposit of Annam guess that, as of Sep, the state had 18,170 ATMs and 294,500 POS instrument, as good as an issued pedestal of many than 85 trillion MACHINE playing-card.

Many existent mechanism desire get to be upgraded or altered to applicable the administration authority, the theme aforementioned. Carte replacing only is awaited to price between $100 trillion and $175 trillion.