EMVCo Studies Above One-half of Playing-card Issued Globally are EMV®-Enabled


Aggregative information announced close to EMVCo displays that close to the change of 2017, 54.6% of each playing-card issued globally were EMV®-allowed. The amount of EMV expenditure playing-card in cosmopolitan flow accrued close to 1 million above the former 12 months to a complete of 7.1 million.

The information shows that 63.7% of each carte-represent actions conducted over the planet between Jan and Dec 2017 victimized EMV chipping application, accelerando from 52.4% in 2016.

Given the dynamical essence of any area, many new information is probable to ruminate higher total fathering ranges and negotiation quantity than the complete representing 2017.

“Both EMV crisp carte issue and EMV crisp courses unrivalled 50% globally is will to the accelerando majority of the cosmopolitan base, and a meaningful marker representing the defrayals local,” animadversion Jackstone Cooking stove, EMVCo Administrator Commission Armchair. “EMVCo at to exercise intimately with expenditure stakeholders to develop the EMV Descriptions to offer a protected, interoperable base representing rising applications over visage-to-visage and removed ecosystem.”

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Regional EMV chip card adoption rate:

Africa and the Middle East: 74.8%
Asia Pacific: 45.7%
Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean: 85.7%
Europe Zone 1: 84.4%

Europe Zone 2: 71.4%
United States: 58.5%

Percentage of card-present transactions that are EMV:

Africa and the Middle East: 90.9%
Asia Pacific: 54.4%
Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean: 88.5%
Europe Zone 1: 98.6%
Europe Zone 2: 90.4%
United States: 41.2%