PayFlex, MicroPayFlex, and MultiFlex smart cards

PayFlex smart cards, MicroPayFlex are designed for applications based on electronic transactions in a highly secure environment. They can be used in applications such as:

  1. regional or national e-wallet system – banks, pension funds, etc.;
  2. municipal e-wallet system – administration, company, city;
  3. trading system of electronic wallet – supermarkets, petrol filling stations;
  4. loyalty programs through the use of a bonus wallet.

Payflex and MicroPayFlex smart cards have been designed to meet the following requirements:

  1. ensuring high security of the payment process;
  2. reducing the cost of conducting operations with small amounts;
  3. customer service improvements;
  4. reliability and quality.

The PayFlex operating system (MicroPayFlex) allows you to perform operations in a secure environment and complies with the international ISO standard 7816-1/2/3/4 to facilitate implementation in banking systems. Equipped with a standard set of commands, the PayFlex operating system (MicroPayFlex) provides the basis for implementing the advantages laid down in the IS0 7816-4 standard of compatibility of products from different manufacturers, versatility and multi-purpose.

The use of the Payflex operating system (MicroPayflex) provides protection for both issuers and users of smart cards, namely, transaction protection, payment security, and wallet replenishment control. PayFlex supports several e-wallets that provide the highest level of service and security, because the microprocessor was originally developed for payment purposes. Payflex (MicroPayFlex) can also be used as an access key to payment terminals.

Functionality includes verification of the PIN code, authentication using the DS algorithm, security control of access to files, control of the execution of operations, control of the balance using the maximum value control. Even if the smart card is used incorrectly, such as when the smart card is withdrawn during a transaction, the data integrity will not be compromised. Thanks to the technology of exhaustive verification and duplication of data, maximum information protection is achieved throughout the life of the smart card.

The MultiFlex smart card is intended for use as a means of payment or an identification tool in various fields. For example, this type of card was used by us as identification cards for access to the office of one of the Customers who produces high-temperature silicone sealants and various types of depolymerizates, and the cards contain complete information about each of the company’s employees. The MultiFlex smart card can contain information of both financial and informational nature and perform the functions of an electronic wallet for paying for transport, telephone, in security systems, as a health card, etc.

Thanks to the available memory management, certification and transaction recording protocols, the operating system allows you to store data in a compressed form, compactly placing it in the memory of the card. The MultiFlex card also has built-in payment functions and can perform operations such as debiting / crediting the wallet, monitoring the internal balance, tracking recent transactions, etc.

Key features:

  1. Memory – 1 KB of EEPROM for PayFlex;
  2. Memory-400 bytes of EEPROM for MicroPayFlex;
  3. ISO standard 7816-1/2/3;
  4. Manage the operating system using commands that are fully compliant with the ISO 7816-4 standard;
  5. The PayFlex and MicroPayFlex operating system allows you to expand the range of possible applications by flexibly using EEPROM memory;
  6. Implementation of the DES algorithm;
  7. Managing your PIN and private keys;
  8. the ability to work in online or offline mode;
  9. SAM access protection module (security access module);
  10. secure access to memory files;
  11. certification and recording of transactions in memory;
  12. control the internal balance;
  13. debiting / crediting wallets;
  14. data storage for 10 years.

Smart cards FE417, FE24X, FE29X (Eurochip)

Smart cards FE24X, FE29X (Eurochip) – this new generation of prepaid cards compares favorably with its predecessors with the function of more advanced protection. The fact is that the secret key is programmed in each card and cannot be read from the outside. Only the terminal can verify the authenticity of the card through its Security Module. Key features:

  1. EEPROM technology;
  2. Maximum counting capacity of 32,768 units (with component separation protection function);
  3. the identification area is protected by a fuse or transport key;
  4. active authentication of the card (protection system against splitting into components).

Let’s note the main advantages of these smart cards:

  1. the inability to use a fake card or an emulator card;
  2. providing active authentication through the use of the terminal security module;
  3. capacious purse, in contrast to the majority of bitmaps;
  4. Crash protection mechanism with data recovery capability.

Using an internal algorithm that uses the card’s secret key for input, the smart card security system prevents any exchange of secret data between the card and the terminal. The combination of a secret code and an internal algorithm makes it impossible to clone the card. For example, for “WeRLED”, which produces monochrome and color led display various sizes, our experts have introduced a system of accounting of working time of employees on the basis of smart cards with Eurocopa that allowed rukowodstwo the company to obtain a modern and reliable means of control of labor discipline employees.

The FE24X and FE29X smart cards can easily support currency units, not just phone tokens. This allows the user to increase the number of applications, and they can all be stored on the same smart card. The FE417 smart card can be used as a prepaid card, e-wallet, or loyalty card. Key features:

  1. EEPROM technology (416 bits);
  2. maximum counting capacity of 13520 units;
  3. Protection by fuse, secret code and PIN code;
  4. limited number of unauthorized access attempts;
  5. The serial interface is compatible with ISO 7816-3 (synchronous transmission).

The FE417 smart card combines features such as data storage, billing and security mechanisms, and is suitable for almost all applications. Divided into specific parts, the FE417 smart card memory provides opportunities for developing different projects. Thanks to the presence of a processor, microprocessor-based smart cards provide the highest level of security, since they use special encryption algorithms.

Microprocessor-based smart cards are compatible with many complex applications. They can be used as a means of payment in banks, pension funds, for utility payments, in trading systems, as well as for personal identification and computer network protection. In addition, there are smart cards that work with various software applications written using modern programming languages for the internal needs of the company, for example, for personal identification, access to electronic networks or mobile digital communications.