UL launches Self-Test Platform to accelerate EMV® 3-D Secure adoption

UL to smooth marketplace borrowing of 3-D Protected with an amplified variant of UL’s Ego-Check Program that streamlines the mechanism of trying and sanction of 3-D Protected components close to forming it ascendable, person-attached and net-supported.

Following the new pronouncement close to EMVCo, UL, the business bigwig in coordinated and cashless solving, now declared the start of a ingenuous net-supported program to aid ecosystem stakeholders in forward the following production of 3-D Protected.

Based on the new EMV® 3-D Protected Particularization, this modern net-supported check program allows an surroundings where production suppliers, PSPs, retailers and issuers buoy execute tries, patch they are construction and enlarging their 3-D Protected components. Furthermore, stakeholders buoy asking sanction utility from UL’s 3DS Trying Lab over the program, icy consume their age-to-marketplace and diminishing mechanism complexness.

The program allows a single-break EMV 3-D Protected deed and enfranchisement solvent. The program has been substantiated close to a amount of chenopodiaceae clients this jump and is instantly available to each participant want to apply EMV 3-D Protected in a many machine-controlled, person-attached and ascendable method.

Isabelle Noblanc, Vise Chairman & Common Executive of UL Individuality Administration & Safety, aforementioned: ‘‘We are extremely glad to be the basic to start this rich trying program and lab representing sanction utility. This each-in-single solvent certifies safety, execution and person feel representing each stakeholders implementing the EMV 3-D Protected application. It enormously bestows to our undertaking to gift belief in an coordinated and cashless planet.’’